The biggest and  the only complex with inventory stores of super alloys with nickel base and cobalt base in iran.


This company holds 20 years of experience with 50 tons of different super alloy bars, is one of the most credible and known international brands and it announces its readiness for the inspection of the experts of oil, gas and  petrochemical industries power plant and defense industries and aerospace industries.



To build the confidence and trust of customers, this company holds the facilities of making chemical analysis using the laboratories facilities in the presence of the experts and in accordance with the DIN, ASTM, BS, JIS & ... standards. The main objective of this complex is fulfill the needs of alloy users instantly for The first time in the country.



Currently the offices of this complex in Tehran, UAE and Belgium are actively working  and they are ready to serve for the objective of  improvement the industries of our country.



Oil and Gas


Power Generation

Chemical & Petrochemical

General Industrial

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No.20, Pars Ghadir Industrial complex, Fath HWY, Tehran, Iran.

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